Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WOW, is Exquisite up for the task?

.... OF COURSE WE ARE!! :)

Last week, our team went to scope out the venue for our breast cancer event. The building has history. A Lot of History! It's over 100 years old with minimal updates.

After taking a full and complete tour, sketching out a few blueprints, taking measurement of every nook and cranny and all the while trying to capture the beauty in itself, we leave you with our challenge.

How does one transform an old structure into a sophisticated piece of art. Our focus is to "OF COURSE" have that WOW factor everyone looks for. We want drapes! We want uplights! We want backdrops! We want centerpieces that Alameda hasn't seen before! We want texture! We want splashes of glam! We want it all!

Oh and did I tell you? Exquisite is working on a $500-$700 budget to have our vision come to life. We have a total of 3 rooms to design including the foyer and refacing the front building.

So what do you think? Can Exquisite accomplish the task at hand? Can we make it an Exquisite night to remember?

With that in mind, here is a little food (pics of th
e venue) for thought.

Good Night! Sleep Tight! ;)

Front of Venue

Stairs leading... the Ticket Booth


Full view of venue

And the last but not least... THE CEILINGS!!

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  1. Yes you can definitely take care of that a nd make it beautiful :) Best of Luck!